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Last updated Tuesday 15th November 2011


During our (almost) forty years of marriage we have both enjoyed traveling during the early years in the UK and later abroad. Between us we have visited France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Holland, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Ukraine, Egypt, Jordan, The Gambia, Canada and Greece.

The end of May 2011 saw both Sue and me retired at a young enough age to do something with the time we have left. We have decided to travel - if finances would allow it would be world wide and first class, but they will not, so it will be a caravan and main-land Europe with (if finances permit) an occasional “cattle class” flight to somewhere we have always wanted to see.

Sue fancies New Zealand which may be possible with a “Round the World Air Ticket” which with six or eight stopovers would be fabulous but the cost of accommodation makes it to expensive,perhaps to expensive - we will see!

But first - EUROPE!

Welcome to our site

This web site is just like the advert and will do “just what it says on the tin” - it’s our travels, it’s our reactions and it’s our experiences.

We hope you enjoy our view of the wonders of Europe and beyond.